Access all your photos and videos

PixStream allows you to access all your photos and videos and transfer
them from one place to another, either by selecting one by one, or
by selecting whole albums.

Easily organize your sources with the adding and removing
functions. For each source PixStream gives you the
number of albums, photos and videos.

Access your photos and videos that are on your :

  • iPhone
  • Computer
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Picasa
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
Transfers have never been easier

Transfer your photos, videos and albums in a simple and intuitive way without loss of quality. PixStream offers universal and effective functions :

  • Copy/Paste

  • Delete

  • Create new album/folder

At any time you can cancel the transfer, either one by one or all at the same time. Transfer manager allows you to track the progress of your transfers and gives you plenty of information on the current transfer :

  • Remaining time

  • Speed

  • Data progression

Interact with your computer

PixStream allows you to transfer quickly photos, videos and whole albums between your computer and your iPhone using your local wifi network.

There are two methods available to you :

  • Use any web browser on your computer

  • Istall PixStreamServer available for Mac and Windows computers

PixStreamServer offers many advantages :

  • View pictures and videos stored on your computer directly from your iPhone

  • Easily transfer your photos, videos and albums using copy/paste between your iPhone and your computer

  • Organize photos and videos that are on your computer (copy, delete, creating folders)
Access photos/videos of another iOS device

You can connect to another iOS device to view and manage photos/videos on this device.

For that :

  • On the first iOS device Select "Devices" in the source menu to enable sharing mode

  • On the seconde iOS device select "Devices" in the source menu and in the devices list, select the first iOS devices

So you can easily transfer photos/videos from another iOS device to a web service or computer.

Simple and effective interface

The interface has been simplified to the maximum for the least possible steps to perform an action. You can choose between three sizes of icons for your albums, photos and videos. To quickly find what you are looking for you can sort it by :

  • Name

  • Creation date

  • Type

Adjust the settings according to your needs :

  • Size image (transfer, visualization)

  • Confidentiality (for web services)

  • Cache control
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